Make family reunions memorable!

  • May 8, 2017

Yes, grandma’s fried chicken was outstanding, but wouldn’t it be great to have something to remind you of the great time you had at your family reunion?  Promotional products are a great way, not only to celebrate the event, but to capture the moment and keep it as a timeless reminder of the relationships that you cherish with your family!


Promotional products should be: practical, memorable and affordable.  The hottest trend right now is the stainless steel tumbler, made popular by YETI (but without the YETI price!).  This 20 oz Himalayan Tumbler is only $10, and is available in a variety of colors!




Another great idea is glow in the dark stuff.  What a cool way to celebrate your family at night.  These products will last several weeks and are a great way for you to recall talking about old times into the wee hours of the night.



 Whether it is tumblers, T-shirts or glow in the dark items, Safeguard has everything you need to celebrate your family and to create reunion memories that you can cherish for a long time.

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