Resolutions…Have you kept them?

  • Mar 30, 2016

Do you remember those New Year’s resolutions you vowed to keep 13 weeks ago? Have you stuck with them?

How is that fitness journey you pledged to partake in? Has it helped you lose weight?

Are you more organized?

How about smoking – have you quit yet?

OK, by now you are tired of my questions, I get it! I want you to know, it is totally OK if you have not kept those resolutions.  Only 8% of people will actually follow through with their New Year’s resolutions. Can you believe only 8%? I can.

Let’s face it, we all set resolutions every year and then life happens. Those resolutions become a faint memory. The kids have sports or other extracurricular activities. We have a deadline we need to meet, or we are just simply tired and don’t feel like doing anything! We all feel like that at one time or another.

There are 52 weeks in a year. 13 of those weeks have flown by, however that does not mean it is too late to start over! I have kept a few of my goals, however I am still committed to conquering the others that I have not stuck with. If you did not set a resolution, do it now. There are 39 weeks left in 2016. Start your year over! Don’t give up on yourself. Get out there and conquer that resolution!


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