God has blessed us more that we deserve. Compared to the rest of the world, we are so fortunate to live in this great country, where we are free, safe and cared for. However, in our own cities, there are those that are less fortunate, that need assistance. For a variety of reasons, there are people that need our help. I want to have a company that is willing to help. Today, we are “Makin’ a Difference.”

I want to encourage everyone to consider using your time, resources and talents to make a difference. Everyone will receive 32 hours (4) days off per year to donate toward a charitable organization of your choice or our adopted organizations. This donated time, up to 32 hours per calendar year will be considered paid time off and does not affect any company PTO time. As with all benefits, we reserve the right to modify or discontinue this plan at the discretion of management. In order to qualify, you must turn into your manager, documentation that you did volunteer. We want to keep track of how many hours we are contributing each year.

If volunteering is new to you, we have adopted several local groups to work with. In Columbus, we are working with The Valley Rescue Mission, which provides much-needed help to families and individuals living throughout our area. We are also working with Feeding the Valley, our local food bank that provides food to families in need. If you are a home-based employee, you can join the effort with the Columbus office or do your own thing! You do not have to work with these organizations, but this might be a good way to start! We have many fun and exciting activities planned for this year! As time goes on, we will be reporting on how we are “Makin’ a Difference” in our communities. Check out these websites to get an overview of each organization.

In hopes of inspiring you to volunteer, you have been given some goodies to motivate you to start “Makin’ a Difference”. I hope this gets you excited and ready to make a difference. I want this endeavor to be fun and rewarding for everyone involved. I want to encourage everyone to embrace this effort for what it is: an opportunity to give back to your community, and share what God has given to you.

Rick Stallings

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