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What Are Laser Business Checks?

What are Laser Checks and how can I utilize them in my business?

Checks remain a staple in business transactions despite the digital revolution. Among the various types of checks, laser checks have gained popularity for their convenience and enhanced security features. If you're running a business, understanding how to utilize laser checks can streamline your payment processes and safeguard your financial dealings.

In this article, we'll dive into what laser checks are, their benefits, and how you can incorporate them into your business operations.

Understanding Laser Checks

Laser checks, specifically designed for laser printers, are a form of check that can be printed directly from your accounting software. Unlike traditional checks, which often require manual filling, laser checks are customizable, allowing you to print all the necessary details, including payee information, amounts, and signatures, with ease and precision.

The Connection to Your Accounting Software

One of the main advantages of laser checks is their compatibility with most accounting software. This integration streamlines the payment process by automatically filling in the check details, reducing the risk of human error and saving time.

High-Security Features

Laser checks come with a range of high-security features to protect against fraud. These features can include microprinting, watermarks, chemical sensitivity, and security threads. The high-quality paper used for laser checks is also typically more resistant to tampering, making it harder for fraudsters to alter check details.

Why Use Laser Checks in Your Business?

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Improved Efficiency

The use of laser checks can drastically improve the efficiency of your payment processes. With the ability to print multiple checks at once and the automation of filling in check details, you can reduce the time spent on manual check writing.

Enhanced Security

As mentioned, the security features of laser checks are a significant benefit. High-security laser checks are a deterrent against fraud, giving you and your payees peace of mind.

Professional Appearance

Laser checks offer a professional look that reflects well on your business. They can be customized with your business logo and branding, which can help in reinforcing your company's image each time you issue a payment.

Record-Keeping and Accountability

With each check tied to your accounting software, record-keeping becomes simpler and more accurate. This digital trail aids in accountability and can be crucial during financial audits.

How to Choose the Right Laser Checks for Your Business

Laser Business Checks

When selecting laser checks for your business, consider the following factors:

Compatibility with Your Accounting Software

Ensure the checks you choose are compatible with your accounting software. This will allow for a seamless transition and integration into your existing systems.

Security Features

Evaluate the security features offered by different check providers. Opt for checks that have multiple layers of security to prevent fraud.

Customization Options

Look for providers that offer customization options like Safeguard to include your company's branding on the checks for a more professional appearance.


While cost should not be the primary factor, it is still important. Compare prices from different vendors, but remember that investing in high-quality, secure checks can save you from potential financial losses due to fraud.

Implementing Laser Checks in Your Business

Setting Up Your Printer

To print laser checks, you'll need a laser printer. Most modern laser printers are capable of handling check printing, but make sure to adjust the printer settings for the check stock you are using.

Integrating with Accounting Software

Integrate your laser checks with your accounting software. This usually involves setting up the printer in the software and configuring the check layout to ensure all details print correctly.

Establishing a Secure Printing Environment

Create a secure environment for printing checks. This means having a dedicated printer that's not accessible to unauthorized personnel, using secure storage for blank check stock, and implementing strict protocols for check handling.

laser checks

Best Practices for Using Laser Checks

Regularly Update Your Accounting Software

Keep your accounting software up to date to ensure compatibility with your laser checks and to benefit from the latest security features.

Use Check Stock with Multiple Security Features

Always opt for check stock that comes with various security features to reduce the risk of fraud.

Conduct Regular Audits

Perform regular audits of your check printing process and records to detect any irregularities early on.

Train Your Staff

Ensure that employees involved in the financial transactions of your business are trained on the proper handling and printing of laser checks to maintain security and efficiency.

Addressing Common Concerns with Laser Checks

Concerns about Fraud

High-security laser checks are designed to combat fraud, but it's essential to stay vigilant. Regularly review your security measures and stay informed about the latest fraud prevention techniques.

Printer and Check Stock Compatibility

Before purchasing check stock, verify that it's compatible with your printer model. This will prevent issues such as paper jams and misalignments.


Laser checks are a valuable tool for businesses looking to enhance the efficiency and security of their financial transactions. By understanding what laser checks are, the benefits they provide, and how to implement them effectively, you can streamline your payment processes and protect your business from fraud.

With careful selection, proper setup, and adherence to best practices, utilizing laser checks can be a straightforward and beneficial move for your business. Keep in the forefront of your mind the importance of security and professionalism, and watch as your business reaps the rewards of this modern payment solution. Do you need custom laser checks for your business? Reach out to us at 800-763-5454 or submit our quote request form. As always we are eager to help you streamline your business.