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Checks offer a level

of security and traceability that electronic payments often struggle to match. When a high security laser check is issued, there is a physical record of the transaction that can be easily tracked and verified. This provides a sense of security for both the payer and the payee, as they can easily reference the laser check in case of any disputes or discrepancies.

It's not just service... it's Safeguard Service.

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Over 70%

of organizations prefer checks for business transactions 

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About 50%

 of all B2B payments are made by check

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About 20% 

of people still use checks for one monthly payment

Types of Checks 

The right checks can increase efficiency and protection. Our state-of-the-art secure business checks feature the latest technology to virtually prevent and detect attempted fraud.

laser checks

Laser Checks

Premium Secure business laser checks offer the industry's highest level of protection with multiple layers of security features. Many other types of laser business checks are also available.

3 on a page checks

3-on-a-Page Checks

Safeguard 3-On-A-Page checks can satisfy all your general disbursement and payroll needs, and are available in handy kits containing everything necessary to pay bills, make deposits and keep records.

Pressure Seal Checks

Safeguard pressure seal checks improve office efficiency, reduce labor costs, eliminate envelopes and streamline payment processing.

    One Write Systems

    One-Write Systems

    Safeguard One-Write Systems help maintain an accurate record of disbursements that are so vital to businesses like yours.

      Continuous Checks

      Continuous Checks

      Which continuous checks are guaranteed compatible with your existing accounting software?

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      Affordable Business Checks

      We use advanced security features like microprinting and watermarking on our laser checks to prevent fraud and forgery. With Safeguard you can customize your quickbooks business checks to match your brand. This will help strengthen your brand's presence in the market with each transaction.

      It is not just about transferring money. Personalized business checks are a secure and professional way to handle your business transactions. With top-notch security features like microprinting and watermarking, you can rest assured that your laser checks are protected against fraud and forgery.

      Plus, by printing your custom business laser checks to match your brand, you can enhance your brand's visibility with every payment you make. By utilizing custom laser checks for you business you are making a statement and reinforcing your brand identity. Choose high security business checks for a secure and stylish way to handle your finances.

      Print Services

      With over 38 years of expertise in crafting high-quality printed products for businesses across the United States, our legacy speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Trust us to bring your vision to life with precision and professionalism, making us the go-to source for businesses looking for top-tier printed products.