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Continuous Checks

In the fast-paced world

of business, ensuring that your payments are accurate and timely is crucial. Continuous checks for business payments help maintain the integrity of financial transactions, reduce errors, and prevent fraud. These checks involve automated systems that monitor payment processes in real-time, flagging any discrepancies or unusual activities immediately. By implementing continuous checks, businesses can streamline their financial operations and gain peace of mind knowing that their payments are being handled efficiently and securely

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reduction in fraud

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of time saved on check preparation and distribution.

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improvement in transaction accuracy

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Continuous Checks

Continuous checks, also known as dot matrix printer checks, are long sheets of checks that are designed to be fed into a pin-fed printer. They are perforated at the end of each check for easy distribution and are a good option for businesses that need to write a large number of checks quickly, such as for accounts payable and payroll. Continuous checks are available in different styles, including with or without a voucher, and in wallet styles. They can also be compatible with accounting software programs such as Quicken, QuickBooks, Microsoft Money, Sage 50 accounting, and Sage Business Works Accounting.

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