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One-Write Systems

The One-Write System

also known as the Pegboard System, is an invaluable tool for small and home-based businesses. It captures information right when the transaction occurs, making it incredibly efficient by eliminating the need for recopying data. Additionally, these systems are compatible with electronic data processing, allowing for an easy transition if you decide to computerize in the future.

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reduction in bookkeeping time

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decrease in manual error

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of users find the system user-friendly, requiring minimal training

one write check system

One Write Check System

Safeguard One-Write Systems help maintain an accurate record of disbursements that are so vital to businesses like yours. One Write Check Systems are a great way to combine accounting with check writing. By recording information only once, you'll automatically reduce errors and enjoy more efficiently organized records. We offer many different One-Write solutions to help you do business better.

Many small businesses depend entirely on the One-Write Check Systems for their simplicity and versatility. With just two pieces of paper—a check and a ledger—you gain the benefits of sound bookkeeping, including accuracy, efficient money distribution, check control, an audit trail, a running bank balance, and instant review of your financials.

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